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Friday, October 17, 2014
Marketplace Savings & More
Robert and Carol Raible of St. Teresa of Avlia Parish in Perrysville, one of the more than 200 couples who attended the annual Golden Anniversary Mass Oct. 12 at St. Paul Cathedral in Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood, renew their vows during the liturgy presided over by Bishop David Zubik. The annual event was sponsored by the diocesan Office for Faith Formation.

Photo by Chuck Austin

Bishop praises couples’ faithful witness
By: John Franko, Staff Writer

Bishop David Zubik told the 235 couples seated before him that he wished they had the vantage point he did.

“Oh, what a witness you are in the church, and oh, are you a necessary witness to the wo ...
more >>>

Future pope visited Pittsburgh
By: John Franko, Staff Writer

Pope Paul VI, who is set to be beatified Oct. 19 visited the Diocese of Pittsburgh in September 1951 when he was Msgr. Giovanni Battista Montini, the substitute papal secretary of state.

He came h ...
more >>>

Parishes plan conference on new evangelization
By: Pittsburgh Catholic Staff Report

A conference featuring talks on the power of faith, intercession, repentance and evangelization is set for Saturday, Nov. 1, at the Monroeville Convention Center, 209 Mall Blvd. in Monroeville.

St ...
more >>>

Harlem choir plans cathedral concert
By: Phil Taylor, Associate Editor

As part of the Hill House Association’s 50th anniversary of serving the residents of Pittsburgh’s Hill District, the Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem is set to perform Friday, Nov. 7, at St. Paul Cathed ...
more >>>

Bishop speaks at Catholic Charities USA meeting
By: Pittsburgh Catholic Staff Report

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Bishop David Zubik delivered the keynote address Oct. 6 at Catholic Charities USA’s 2014 Annual Gathering in Charlotte.

Pittsburgh’s bishop, who serves as episcopal liaison to Ca ...
more >>>

What simple witness can do
By: David Mills

Catholic Sense

As a teenager, Susannah Black picked up some pro-life tracts on a family trip to a farm fair and thought, to her surprise, “I agree with this!” In the liberal and secular U ...
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