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Friday, August 21, 2015
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Universal distribution

Universal distribution is the term used for mailing the Pittsburgh Catholic, Your Catholic Community Newspaper, to every registered Catholic household in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Currently, universal distribution takes place twice a year - just before Lent and just before Advent. It is a wonderful means of outreach to the more than 764,000 Catholics residing in our diocese, which includes the six counties in the southwestern part of Pennsylvania: Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Greene, Lawrence and Washington.

The Pittsburgh Catholic is proud to work with diocesan personnel, and the priests, staff members and volunteers of the 212 parishes in the diocese to ensure that every registered Catholic is aware of what is happening in our Catholic community.

From its inception in 1844, the mission of the Pittsburgh Catholic has been directed to the ministries of communication, evangelization and education. The newspaper has an important responsibility in respect to the life of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, as it is “the principal means of teaching and sharing information” with our diocesan family and the larger community. The Pittsburgh Catholic, therefore, plays a critical role for the faithful in the diocese, and universal distribution assists in this effort. Specifically, the newspaper is poised to support the strategic focus and priorities that emerged from the 19th diocesan synod as follows:

Eucharist – by highlighting the Eucharist as the source and summit of all Christian life and providing spiritual and catechetical enrichment for the faithful;

Evangelization – by communicating directly with every Catholic family inviting them to full communion and participation in the life of the Church;

Adult Faith Formation – by informing readers about doctrine and practices of the Church on a regular basis;

Youth and Young Adult Ministry – by providing a forum for youth and young adults to learn about the Church and to participate in its many ministries;

Leadership Formation – by communicating consistently with all those in pastoral leadership about the vision and life of this local Church;

Stewardship – by inviting more and more Catholics to participate in the life of the Church and to share their resources in support of her mission, especially in care for the poor.

Look for your personal copy of the Pittsburgh Catholic, containing the special Parish Advent Listings, in your mailbox on Friday, November 19, 2010.

We welcome your comments and suggestions: please click here to share yours.

If you prefer to have your copy of the Pittsburgh Catholic delivered to your mailbox on a weekly basis: click here to place your order.

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